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Neueco is a paper based packaging and material handling solutions provider poised to meet the global market
Our business model is committed to support Packaging Solutions for customers large or small. Emphasis is placed on achieving and maintaining the highest levels of product quality, service, productivity and development of innovative cost saving solutions for organizations supplying products domestically or to the global market. Targeting secondary packaging needs for Export Market.

Neueco operations in Silvassa is a 100,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility containing fully automatic Corrugation Machine of Langston U.K make and Board Hardening equipment Simon Double Color Flex-o-Printing with Creasing & Slotter, Rotary, Automatic Gluing, Stitching, and an Angle Board manufacturing system of Swedish make. Our facility is capable of manufacturing various ranges of 3 ply, 5ply and 7ply board grades. Silvassa has full design capability, plotter table (AGCAD) and Quality Lab.  Neueco additional facilities include assembly operations at Chennai and Service Outlet located in Pune.

Environmental Safe Solutions
Eco friendly paper products as ‘HHCB Wonderboard’ are manufactured of 100% recyclable materials with no CFC gasses or hazardous materials. Our ‘Europallet’ design is developed as a bio-degradable solution manufactured to eliminate the need for any phytosanitary regulation and to ensure protection of our environment. Main thrust is to replace Wooden boxes and plywood boxes.
Neueco is a full service partner for all your packaging and material handling solutions
Our company develops packaging and material handling solutions that are suitable to deliver significant cost and time saving opportunities to customers. Designs are developed to increase efficiency in handling while reducing complexity through every stage of the material handling cycle.
Innovative Design & Engineering
As part of our approach to material handling, Neueco can get involved in the design of packaging right from the start. Using state-of-the-art design capabilities, Neueco can design and develop prototype packaging samples from CAD generated data accurate to the component contour, essential to developing cost-effective solutions in a fraction of the time.

Cubic analysis simulation is preformed to assure logistics efficiencies are gained, low-profile pallet designs, recommendations on product orientation can produce increased product density optimizing transportation and handling and reducing material handling cost.

Product Diversity
Neueco have produced such star performers as ‘HHCB Wonderboard’ a cost effective, premium grade corrugated fiberboard product developed to meet the performance needs of customers world wide. Edge-guard is a low-cost angled corrugated fiberboard solution manufactured to enhance protection, added to a design it can contribute as strengthener to increase stack performance or as protection to divert wear.

Neueco prefers but is not limited to the use of corrugated recyclable based products in the development of there packaging designs. As a complete solutions based packaging provider, Neueco develops custom packaging designs using a combination of the diverse packaging materials.

Service & Support
Neueco will work with you right from the start of the design. Our business agents, technically skilled personnel in packaging, will sit down with you and discuss all aspects of your packaging needs. Neueco also can advise on the right material for the right application, depending on the specific customer requirements.
“Success is built on the elements of quality and diversity through
forging relationships with customers and employees”
Neueco business agents are located regionally to Mumbai and Chennai servicing customers across India. Neueco offers a wide range of packaging alternatives and can service the needs of a customer. Our company ensures fast and secure deliveries throughout India enhancing our customers to reduce storage space and handling cost.
Value Engineering and Value Analysis Support with its customers
Neueco work closer with all its customers on this principle by Suggesting the ways to cut cost over its earlier design to make the customer packing cost lesser periodically with out altering the performance of the product in transit and storage in all Locations.
Laboratory and Testing
Manufacturing performance and durability are evaluated continually using ASTM approved testing standards throughout the manufacturing process to ensure our customers quality and craftsmanship.
  • ECT Edge Crush Test (ISO 3037)
  • Burst Strength Test (ISO 2759)
  • FCT Flat Crush Test (ISO 3035)
  • Water Absorption (ISO 535)
Neueco is a full service provider that can assist a customer looking to simulate real-life packaging analysis. Should a need arise to confirm that optimal packaging performance has been achieved within the shipping environment, Neueco can coordinate simulated vibration testing compliant to ISTA guidelines.
In 2007 Neueco purchased ownership, facilities and machinery of the sheeting and fabrication facility in Silvassa. Currently Neueco employs 55 Technical & Manufacturing staff across India.  Silvassa facilities was accredited with awards from India star and Asia Star including best localization award. Our quality rating and delivery performance are rated 100%.

As a total packing solutions provider we use other material like EPE Foams, Plywood/Wooden pallets, VCI bags and more.  As a full service provider Neueco can offer a customer with repacking services should they required the need.

Total Packages solution provider for:-
  • Automotive Mfrs
  • Auto Components Mfrs
  • ATM
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Bulk Drugs